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HowdyGo is an affordable Demostack alternative that offers full HTML interactive demos, transparent pricing and a free trial.
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Starts at $79/month
Monthly subscription
Unlimited users
Unlimited HTML demos
Full HTML editing
Support from founding team
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Starts at $55,000/yr
50 users
Unlimited HTML demos
Full HTML editing
Support from an AE

Demostack is an interactive product demo software for SaaS revenue teams, i.e. marketing, customer success and sales departments.

Demostack lets you tailor your product story with overlay edits that mask your current environment to showcase all software functionalities. It also features a Sandbox – a trial-like environment that allows your customers to explore the product on their own. 

However, Demostack’s hefty price of $55,000 per year makes it a better fit for larger SaaS companies. With smaller marketing and sales teams, you can explore more affordable Demostack competitors like HowdyGo.

Starting at $79 a month, this interactive product demo tool lets you capture interactive HTML demos in one click, use editing options like a demo checklist and collect actionable insights to ensure you capture leads and track viewer engagement.

Let’s explore features, pricing and use cases of Demostack and HowdyGo to equip your sales reps and marketers with the most suitable tool.

HowdyGo vs Demostack features

Had a specific bit of functionality in mind? We've got you covered.

For a fraction of the cost compared to Demostack, HowdyGo allows you to build your demo environment and create great interactive product demos.

The best part? There’s no limit to the number of users! Your entire sales and marketing teams can access the platform to capture a custom demo for every stage of the customer journey.

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Starting price
$79/month for unlimited users
$15,000/year for up to 50 users
Free trial


Interactive HTML capture
HTML Interaction Replay
Recording process
One-click capture a flow as you go through your app
Capture individual app screens and manually link them together


Hotspots and tooltips
Brand colors and fonts
Demo checklist
Edit HTML content and images in the recording
Find & replace HTML content everywhere
Personalize demo with prospect info


Lead capture
Track viewer engagement
Demo optimization dashboard
Custom integrations
Yes, on enterprise plan
Hands-on support from the founders
In-app chat support
Shared Slack channel
Expert guidance from founding team

HowdyGo vs Demostack use cases

Demostack and HowdyGo are both used for product demonstrations. While Demostack is similar to Howdygo in that it gives a walkthrough of your software, it is more suitable for live demos and calls.

Let’s break down each platform's use cases:


  • Website embed — With this Demostack alternative, you can demonstrate your software and unique features on your website. Your home page becomes your interactive product walkthrough.
  • Social media platforms — Create demos for social media that catch prospects’ attention better than screenshots. Marketing teams can use video demos to launch campaigns targeting specific social media audiences.
  • Sales call — Your entire sales team can personalize demos for customers. The Demostack alternative offers variables that make demo content more targeted. For instance, you can add the viewer’s name and company logo for personalization.
  • Figma prototypes — Show what your engineering teams are working on behind the scenes by capturing Figma prototypes and turning them into custom demos.
  • Product demo GIF — Create GIFs for landing pages, social media posts, email campaigns and personalized outbound emails.


  • Live demo environments — Due to its live presentation mode, Demostack is suitable for live demo environments. You can generate fake data to populate any demo environment.
  • Live sales calls — Ahead of the calls, the sales teams can customize demo content to different personas and use cases with a few clicks.
  • Android mobile apps — Your sales team can launch mobile app demos seamlessly. Demostack ensures the demos are free of pop-ups and interruptions.

HowdyGo vs Demostack pros

Let’s review the benefits of HowdyGo and Demostack to help you determine which tool offers the perks that best suit your needs.

HowdyGo Pros

One of the best Demostack alternatives comes with these benefits:

  • Affordable —Compared to other Demostrack competitors, HowdyGo is an affordable solution for the interactive demo process because it starts at $79/month, and a free trial.
  • Unlimited HTML demos — You can create an unlimited number of great demos. Plus this Demostack alternative takes HTML snapshots of a page right away.
  • Unlimited user seats For the same price, you can involve your sales, marketing, and engineering teams in the demo creation process.
  • Updates — You can update your interactive product demos whenever something changes without having to create a new recording. You can edit text or change images and graphs after you record the change.
  • Editing options — Mistakes happen during the demo creation process, but that doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. With this Demostack alternative, you can add, edit or delete steps from your product demos to create a compelling story.
  • Hands-on support — With HowdyGo, you don’t have to go it alone. Our founding team provides hands-on support to improve your demo environment, plus you have extensive documentation available.
  • User-friendly analytics — Don’t know how your demos are performing? HowdyGo monitors and presents impressions, completions, initial engagements and more relevant metrics in an intuitive dashboard.
  • Chrome extension —This extension allows you to record product screens with one click. The tool adds a step each time you click.

Demostack pros

  • No sign-ups needed —Viewers can go through demo environments without signing up for your product first.
  • Mobile and web support — Demostack allows you to create interactive demos for both Android and web apps.
  • Sandbox environments — You can create a Sandbox environment for customers. That allows them to explore your software at their own pace.

HowdyGo vs Demostack pricing

If you’re looking for affordable Demostack alternatives, you’ve found one – HowdyGo. When you subscribe to a pricing plan, your entire team gets an interactive product demo tool without any limitations.

Let’s go over the pricing of one of the best Demostack alternatives.

HowdyGo pricing

You can choose between three pricing plans:

  • Demonstrate — For $79/month, you get unlimited HTML recordings, HTML editing and lead capture;
  • Analyze — For $319/month, you get all Demonstrate features, coupled with CRM integrations, viewer identification and demo analytics;
  • Scale —This plan costs $799/month. Aside from all Analyze features, your marketing, presales and sales teams have enterprise SSO, automated personalization and demo support.

Want to explore all features? Start a 2-week trial now!

Demostack pricing

Demostack provides a custom quote depending on your business needs and company size. However, annual pricing starts at $55,000, which is why users look for the best alternatives to Demostack.

Looking for more affordable Demostack competitors? Check out our Storylane vs Walnut comparison.

HowdyGo vs Demostack user ratings

Users have reviewed both interactive demo tools on G2. We’ll provide an overview of their comments to help you choose the best platform for catching attention and closing deals.

HowdyGo user ratings

For HowdyGo, customers have praised:

  • The intuitive and easy-to-use product that allows them to create product tours in just a few clicks.
  • Its personalization capabilities that let them tailor interactive demos with dynamic data replacements. They don't create generic demos anymore!
  • Responsive and helpful customer support team.
Image source: G2

Demostack user ratings

Demostack customers singled out that the tool allows them to customize demos and tell better product stories.

Image source: G2


Demostack helps you build your product story. However, when we examine the price, one of the most important factors for decision-makers, it’s obvious that the tool is more suitable for larger companies.

HowdyGo is a great choice for smaller teams looking for an interactive demo tool.

Create product tours from scratch, customize them to fit your brand better and showcase what makes your software great with HowdyGo! This is one of the best Demostack alternatives, allowing your teams to capture demos with just one click.

Record your demo video for free!

Unlimited, fully interactive HTML demos
From $79/month for unlimited users
Starts at $55,000 annually for up to 50 users
Available via email
Best for
Small marketing and sales teams looking to build demo environments and showcase all features of their software
Larger enterprises that want to create live demo environments


What does Demostack do?

Demostack is an interactive product demo tool that allows sales, marketing, and other teams to create, edit and share software demos.

What is the difference between Demostack and consensus?

The main difference between Demostack and Consensus is the use cases. While Consensus suits pre- and post-sales calls, Demostack focuses on live demo presentations.

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