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What does "Full service"/"Hands on" support mean?

We're outcome motivated people and that means we're interested in helping you create and use interactive demos as effectively as possible.

Ideation & Strategy

We'll talk it through, write up shared notes and understand the overall goals you have for demos.

  • We'll help you figure out which aspect of your product should be demonstrated first, and find the best starting point.
  • We take the time to understand your overarching marketing strategy and how demos can fit into that strategy.
  • We discuss distribution methods, whether that's embeds or emails.


We're not afraid to create demos end-to-end, but we can't do it without at least some of your knowledge of your product and your audience.

  • We can help capture your app, assuming it's possible for us to access it and it has a suitable amount of data in it to make an engaging demo.
  • Providing a first draft for your review (we typically reuse messaging from your website to speed this process up)
  • Iterating through the narrative and storyline.


We'll help you embed your demos into your website with assistance, or by speaking to your developer/designer.

  • Adding your demos to your website and setting the context around the demo on the page to increase engagement.
  • Providing suggestions on where you can incorporate additional demos on other pages.
  • Making sure data is being sent from HowdyGo into Google Analytics.


A few months after implementation, it will make sense to take a look at your data and understand how your demos could be improved.

  • We analyse your demos using our in-app analytics and share suggestions about how you can improve impressions, engagement, completions and actions taken by viewers.
  • We can apply those suggestions to your demos to make sure you're getting the most out of the product.
  • We can discuss future demos and repeat this process.

Do you charge per user?

Nope! Everyone in your company is welcome. You can all collaborate on each other's demos and create unlimited demos.

What's the difference between the "Demonstrate" and "Analyze" tiers?

The biggest difference is our expert guidance on building your demos.

On the demonstrate tier, while we're always available to assist you with simple queries, and we provide detailed documentation, we don't provide in-depth demo reviews.

On the analyze & scale tiers, we perform detailed edits and reviews of your demos. During this process we use data backed best-practices to improve them and will review existing demos in order to update them based on what the analytics tells us about their performance.

We also provide clear explanations of what we've changed and why, so that you can learn from these best-practices.

Typical things that we address during these reviews include:

  • How to incorporate a narrative into your demos.
  • Articulating and explaining your value proposition in a way that is accessible to people seeing your product for the first time.
  • Where to put them on your website and how to set the context for viewers so that they use them.
  • Using advanced features like "auto-progress", "animate playback" and lead capture fields.
  • How to use the data being sent to google analytics (or another tool) to assess the impact demos are having on your funnel.

Like most types of content, making an interactive product demo isn't that difficult, but making a really effective demo is. If having the founding team assist you so that you get the most out of your investment is valuable, then the analyze tier is worthwhile.