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More people convert when they experience your product. Craft and embed guided tours for your website, get expert support from your very first demo.
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HowdyGo Interactive Product Demo
What to expect

More people convert when they experience your product

Flagsmith embeds HowdyGo demos on their website to ensure prospects understand their product's value before signing up or booking a demo.
More sign ups
More activations
Demo engagement

"We have clear attribution and have been able to track results — demos are having tangible impact for us."

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Anna Redbond
Head of Marketing
Why small marketing teams choose us

Hands on support from your very first demo

For small marketing teams, our approach saves time, gives you more confidence and gets you more MQLs.
By choosing us, you won't be left alone, staring blankly at your screen trying to come up with a story for your demos. We (the founders) help you create and update your demos using the depth of knowledge we've acquired by making 1000s of demos and obsessively reviewing analytics data.

It starts by understanding your product and goals

New content doesn't exist in a vacuum, it needs to fit into your marketing strategy. We've helped marketers do this successfully and can help you too.

We build and edit your demos together

Alongside you in calls, a shared Slack channel or email, we help you capture and craft your demos. Incorporating and explaining proven best-practices as we go.

We make sure you put them in the right place

Distribution is important to getting value out of content. So we guide you on how to do that for demos. We ensure you have the metrics you need, in the tools you use.

We use analytics to help you improve your demos

Demos need iteration, but that shouldn't rest on your shoulders. We suggest, implement and explain how to get more from your demos and distribution over time.

Daniel, Tom & Umberto are not just solution providers, they are extra members of my GTM team that help us strategise, enable best practices and continue to push us to innovate how we can showcase our solutions better.

Anna Redbond, Head of Marketing - Flagsmith - Headshot
Andrew Lingley
Marketing Manager
How it works

HTML interactive demos made easy

With HowdyGo you can share self-guided tours that show your product at its best.

Capture quickly, edit anything

You only need one take to turn your product into your best marketing asset. Click through your app to capture a flow and use our editor to craft the perfect story.
HowdyGo Chrome extension open ready to start recording

Share and embed anywhere

Embed demos on your website, share personalized links and build in-depth demo centres so your prospects can experience and understand your product.
HowdyGo editor

Grow engagement and your pipeline

Use demo views to capture engaged target accounts and leads. Improve engagement with analytics and best practice guidance from our team.
HowdyGo Chrome extension open ready to start recording

Analytics and leads sent to the tools you're using already

Push demo analytics and leads directly to the tools you use in your go-to-market stack. No need to change your workflow to get the most out of HowdyGo.
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Create your first product demo on us!

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Pixel-perfect HTML demos
Hands on onboarding and support


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What is an interactive product demo?

They replicate a flow in your SaaS and let you easily add onboarding-style callouts to a walkthrough.

This means you can embed your product, loaded with data, into your website and let people self-educate/self-qualify at their own pace.

Unlike an onboarding tool, it shows your product in a state that demonstrates to prospects functionality without making them guess what it’s capable of, when they're still deciding whether they should sign up for an account or book a demo.

If you're comparing different vendors, it's important to understand that interactive demo tools are split into these two categories:

  1. Full interactive HTML demos like HowdyGo, which let you edit your app after capturing, personalize content and generally offer a more convincing experience to your prospects. They feel high quality, like getting a new iPhone vs. your old Nokia 3310.
  2. Screenshot capture demos are effectively slideshows of your app. These tools are typically cheaper, and it can be a bit easier to get started. You're also unlikely to run into any weird recording glitches.

Learn more in our article Interactive Product Demos Explained.

How do I use an interactive product demo?

The most common use-case we see is an embedded walkthrough of your software on your website.

While there are a whole host of potential use cases (and you can see some of them in our documentation) we recommend starting out by just creating a simple Platform Overview demo of your software, or on a specific, popular portion of your software.

This is a great place to begin because it gives you something practical that can be shared on your website, or directly with prospects and leads.

How do you make a product demo?

This is our 5 step simple guide to making an interactive demo:

  1. Capture a flow of your app that often gets demonstrated by your sales team.
  2. Add annotations, reuse messaging and convey a simple story that highlights your value proposition.
  3. Delete or auto-progress through unnecessary steps, your prospects want you to get to the point.
  4. Publish your demo and copy the embed code
  5. Paste the embed code into your CMS (whether it's Webflow, Unbounce, Wordpress, Ghost, Wix, etc.)

Your first demo shouldn't be too complicated. Just get started and have a bit of fun. It's really easy to add new steps, change the order around, edit text, etc.

I've already got a walkthrough video, can I use that?

TLDR; You can't. But they are great source material for creating a more engaging demo experience.

HowdyGo is designed to capture interactive, responsive HTML. This allows you to do cool stuff like editing the content of your app after capturing it, personalize what's on screen with templated values, and get analytics that are driven by actual user interactions (not just passive views).

Not to mention the fact it really feels like they are using your app.

Videos serve a purpose, but a 10 minute walkthrough doesn't do your product justice.

Do I need to involve my sales engineering / engineering team?

Nope, capturing a HowdyGo demo is easier than recording a video!

However, we can do 2 things to help you get up and running asap:

  1. We'll help you. We've created hundreds of demos of hundreds of SaaS apps, we're technically minded and we want to help you succeed. We've literally deployed products on AWS and interacted with customer APIs to get demos off the ground.
  2. HowdyGo is accessible to the entire team. If someone signs up from the same company you can see, edit, duplicate and share demos across your team easily. This makes it easy to get anyone you need involved at your company.
I can't see my CRM/Analytics as an integration

We've built HowdyGo with integrations in mind, so when one of our customers needs a new one, we jump on it and make it happen.

There's good news though, everything in HowdyGo works without integrating (lead capture and analytics included), and, when we start building an integration it often takes less than a week to have it up and running.

Here's a quote from one of our customers:"Wow you guys are fast!!".

Jump in and get started, then have a chat with us and we'll move heaven and earth to get you up and running the way you want.