Who we are

Meet our team

HowdyGo helps SaaS companies sell and market their complex applications.

This isn't our first rodeo (Howdy!), we're three friends who grew another startup together and decided it was time to start something new, this time bootstrapped.

Born from the frustrations we experienced demonstrating our own B2B SaaS product, we've created an intuitive interactive product demo tool that doesn't require your engineering team.

We are an Aussie-at-heart team that are spread across the globe allowing us to deliver awesome interactive demos at all hours of the day.

If you want to follow our story, you can connect with us on LinkedIn and stay in touch.
Umberto Anderle
Co-founder - London, UK
Umberto designs and defines the UI and UX of HowdyGo.

Previously he was Head of Product at BibliU where he was VP of Product, designing enterprise ready applications.
Daniel Engelke
Co-founder - Perth, Australia
Former CTO and co-founder of BibliU, Daniel enjoys complex technical challenges and scaling up companies, teams and products.

Daniel is a Forbes 30-under-30 winner and ensures HowdyGo runs on the best infrastructure to deliver demos with speed and resilience.
Tom Bruining
Co-founder - Sydney, Australia
Former Head of Data at HelloFresh UK and Head of Operations at BibliU.

Growth & Marketing, Customer Success and internal operations and culture. He also formed the data team at the UK's largest meal box company.