Built to create the perfect interactive demo

An intuitive recording and editing experience packed full with features.
HTML / CSS capture

Interactivity and editability

Prospects get a genuine feel for your app as they're guided through a demonstration that connects your app to your value proposition.

Full HTML interactivity

The demo looks and feels exactly like your app. We even record drag and drop interactions. Scroll, button and link hover states are maintained.


Craft in-app content to match the persona you're targeting with your demo after recording. Fix typos and incorporate personalization.
Screenshot of a HTML HowdyGo demo
Screenshot of a personalized HowdyGo demo

Personalized demos made scalable

Tailor interactive product demos to different buyer personas or segments and then personalize them with automated brand-fetch.

Craft once, reuse limitlessly

Your whole team can share interactive demos, duplicate and tweak them for a specific prospect or persona.

Automated brand fetch

Incorporate brand names, logos and domains automatically with in-demo templated values that catch attention.

Rich prospect analytics

Capture analytics to help you accelerate opportunities within sales, and optimize your inbound demos by viewing demo analytics over time.

Know when prospects are engaging with your demos

Capture demo views and send them directly to your CRM and marketing automation platforms.

Iterate and perfect your demos over time

View conversion and completion rates across your demos to find opportunities for optimization.
Screenshot of HowdyGo's analytics

Lead capture, support and connectivity

A rich set of options to help you craft beautiful demos, and ensure they are on-brand and integrated into your marketing and sales stack.

Integrated Call-to-Action Forms

Send lead information directly into your CRM and have marketing qualified leads accessible to your Sales team instantly.

Native Interaction Replay

Showcase interactions in native HTML, with typing and drag-and-drop gestures replayed in full as though the viewer did it themselves.

Intuitive Editing and Structuring

No manual step mapping. A truly modern experience with drag-and-drop annotations, chapters, and checklists.

Company wide branding

Set and forget color palettes and custom fonts so that every demo your team creates looks on-brand and marketing approved.

Connect the tools you already use

Seamlessly integrate with analytics tools such as Fullstory and Google Analytics to gain deeper insights.

Shared Slack Support

We're here to help you achieve your demo goals.
All of our customers are offered a connected Slack channel to keep onboarding and delivery efficient.

The AI annotations were great! I only had to tweak a couple of them. It was a seriously great starting base & made it a much quicker and easier process for me.

Mikaela Filo
Product Marketer, Ansarada


Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our team.
What is an interactive product demo?

Interactive product demos are self-guided walkthroughs that SaaS companies offer to leads, prospects and customers to help them understand how their product works. They typically include annotations that point out particular features, or explain the unique value proposition of the SaaS product while the viewer interacts with the demonstration.

Unlike a video, an interactive product demo gives the viewer the ability to take-in your product at their own pace, and they are  much easier to produce.

There are two different types of interactive product demos, a screenshot demo and an HTML demo.

  1. HTML demos offer more extensive features, like editing the content of your demo after recording, or even automatically personalizing the content for a particular prospect.
  2. A screenshot demo is a simple slideshow of screens with annotations, they are a convenient entry-point to interactive demos.
How do I use an interactive product demo?

Interactive product demos are so flexible in how they can be used, that sometimes it's hard to know where to begin.

For most of our customers, the primary interest comes from either Marketing or Sales.

We talk about the "Hierarchy of Interactive Product Demos" with our users because it helps to explain where to begin. It also provides an in-depth explanation of the varying use-cases for each type of demo.

In simple terms, there are three levels:

  1. Platform Overview Demos
  2. Feature Overview Demos
  3. Use-case Deep Dives

Our recommendation is to begin with level 1, but some of our customers will start with level 2.

I've already got a walkthrough video, can I use that?

TLDR; You can't. But they are great source material for creating a more engaging demo experience.

HowdyGo is designed to capture interactive, responsive HTML. This allows you to do cool stuff like editing the content of your app after capturing it, personalize what's on screen with templated values, and get analytics that are driven by actual user interactions (not just passive views).

Not to mention the fact it really feels like they are using your app.

Videos serve a purpose, but a 10 minute walkthrough doesn't do your product justice.

Do you charge per seat?

Nope! Once you sign up, everyone at your company can join you on HowdyGo.

Do I need to involve my sales engineering / engineering team?

Nope, capturing a HowdyGo demo is easier than recording a video!

However, we can do 2 things to help you get up and running asap:

  1. We'll help you. We've created hundreds of demos of hundreds of SaaS apps, we're technically minded and we want to help you succeed. We've literally deployed products on AWS and interacted with customer APIs to get demos off the ground.
  2. HowdyGo is accessible to the entire team. If someone signs up from the same company you can see, edit, duplicate and share demos across your team easily. This makes it easy to get anyone you need involved at your company.
I can't see my CRM/Analytics as an integration

We've built HowdyGo with integrations in mind, so when one of our customers needs a new one, we jump on it and make it happen.

There's good news though, everything in HowdyGo works without integrating (lead capture and analytics included), and, when we start building an integration it often takes less than a week to have it up and running.

Here's a quote from one of our customers:"Wow you guys are fast!!".

Jump in and get started, then have a chat with us and we'll move heaven and earth to get you up and running the way you want.

I don't know how to make a good product demo

No worries!

Interactive product demos are a new tool in the SaaS marketing and sales tool belt, so it can be a little bit tricky to get started.

The good news is, we've recorded and created hundreds of demos for hundreds of different SaaS products (seriously, it's almost always the first step in our sales process).

Sign up and reach out to us via the in-app chat. We'll be happy to help you.

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