September 18, 2023

10 Inspiring Interactive Product Demo Examples

Elevate your product demos with interactive examples that engage, inform, and inspire potential customers.
10 Inspiring Interactive Product Demo Examples

Interactive product demos have emerged as a game-changer for SaaS products, offering a dynamic way to engage potential customers, enhance user experiences, and boost conversions. At HowdyGo, we recognize the significance of interactive product demos in today's digital landscape.

In this article, we will explore 10 inspiring interactive product demo examples across various industries and company sizes. Along the way, we'll highlight the unique features that make these demos stand out, showcasing the versatility and impact of interactive product demos.

The Power of Interactive Product Demos

Interactive product demos offer several compelling advantages:

  • Engagement: Interactive demos captivate your audience by enabling them to actively explore your product's features and benefits. This hands-on experience leads to a deeper understanding of your offerings.
  • Conversion Boost: Interactive product demos have been shown to significantly increase conversion rates. When potential customers can experience your product firsthand, they are more likely to make informed decisions and convert into paying customers.
  • Efficient Communication: Interactive demos streamline the communication of complex ideas, making it easier for prospects to grasp your product's value proposition clearly and concisely.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Creating interactive product demos can save valuable time and resources. You can reuse demos for different audiences, reducing the need for multiple live presentations.
  • Customization: Interactive product demos can be tailored to specific audiences or use cases, enhancing the user experience and ensuring that prospects receive relevant information.
  • Analytics and Insights: Interactive demos provide valuable analytics and insights into user behavior, helping you refine your messaging and improve the user journey.

Now, let's dive into 10 inspiring interactive product demo examples, each showcasing the unique capabilities and benefits of interactive product demos:

10 Inspiring Interactive Product Demo Examples

How we've compared these demos:

  • Target Audience: We wanted to capture a wide variety of products, targeting a wide variety of different customer groups. Whether they are showing off enterprise products, products targeted at startups, or products targeted at small-medium businesses.
  • Storytelling Style: Demos are often either a "platform overview" or a "story driven" approach to walking through the product. Both have their pros and cons, it depends on the use case you have in mind.
  • Chapter/Length: You typically want to keep your demo to around 12 steps, but in a bunch of these demos, they've used chapters to break up the content into more bite-sized chunks. This is helpful for products that are more complex (e.g. Ansarada's GRC platform), this style can help to keep viewers engaged. It also helps to enable the demo-checklist, which is a mild form of gamification and again, encourages users to reach the end of the demo.
  • Key Highlights: For each demo, we've tried to summarize some interesting highlights.

Let's explore these awesome interactive product demo examples, showcasing their diverse applications across different industries:

1. Ansarada

Ansarada's Governance Risk & Compliance platform brings order to chaos for businesses.

Target Audience: PLG - Enterprise

Demo Style: Multi-chapter, story driven

Key Highlights:

  • Ansarada's interactive product demo shows how complex enterprise software can be made accessible to prospects and leads.
  • This multi-step demo includes a collection of chapters, helping to create structure while conveying high-level concepts to the viewer.
  • A story-driven demo that explains the key elements of the platform.
View the interactive demo | Ansarada's Website

2. Lawpath

Lawpath helps businesses access legal documents and advice on demand.

Target Audience: PLG - Enterprise & Startups

Demo Style: Platform overview

Key Highlights:

  • A short, snappy demonstration which runs the viewer through the essentials of the Lawpath platform.
  • A clear CTA at the end that directs the viewer to a free trial sign up.
  • Use of emoji in the annotations helps to create a fun feel to the demo.
View the interactive demo | Lawpath's Website

3. Thrive Desk

Thrive Desk simplifies customer success with intuitive style, and a shared inbox.

Target Audience: Small-Medium Businesses & Startups

Demo Style: Story driven, no chapters

Key Highlights:

  • Another story driven interactive product tour.
  • The story is short, but quickly connects the Customer Success agent story to one about analytics.
  • There's an opportunity to expand on this demo by having a more established analytics dashboard.
View the interactive demo | Thrive Desk's Website

4. Filecamp

An overview of Filecamp's Digital Asset Management solution.

Target Audience: Small-Medium Businesses, Design Agencies

Demo Style: Multi-chapter, platform overview

Key Highlights:

  • Doubles down on 3 essential features of a digital asset management tool.
  • Structures the demo around these 3 features.
  • Has a very light story.
View the interactive demoFilecamp's Website

5. GoCertify

A walkthrough of the GoCertify verification process for one of their key discount verification groups - healthcare employees.

Target Audience: Small-Medium Businesses, Enterprises targeting Consumers

Demo Style: Story driven, very short demonstration, consumer walkthrough flow

Key Highlights:

  • Uses the demo to show off a demonstration flow that would otherwise not be possible to demonstrate easily.
  • Very short demo, of only 6 steps.
  • Uses each step to communicate how GoCertify's verification process works in the background. Connecting the core user experience to the value proposition of the company.
View the interactive demoGoCertify's Website

6. SalesProphet

See SalesProphet's contact database and outbound functionality in action.

Target Audience: Small-Medium Businesses, Sales, Growth & Marketing functions

Demo Style: Story driven product tour

Key Highlights:

  • Demonstrates some analytics.
  • Captures the underlying value proposition of their platform.
  • Shows how easy it is to do prospecting in SalesProphet.
View the interactive demoSalesProphet's Website

7. Tango

Tour of Tango's agency project and contract management platform.

Target Audience: Design Agencies, Small-Medium Businesses, Freelancers

Demo Style: Story driven, AI product, multi-chapter

Key Highlights:

  • Initially story driven, then switches to highlight a key feature of the platform.
  • Directs the user to scroll around in the demonstration to get a feel for the tool.
View the interactive demoTango's Website

8. UserMaven

UserMaven's privacy-focused web analytics dashboard.

Target Audience: Startups, Small-Medium Businesses

Demo Style: Story driven, no chapters, analytics

Key Highlights:

  • A gorgeous example of an analytics product in action.
  • No chapters, and relatively short, it's focussed on how easy it is to use.
View the interactive demoUserMaven's Website

9. Capture Collab

Capture Collab helps teams manage their digital assets.

Target Audience: Small-Medium Businesses, Design Agencies

Demo Style: Story driven, no chapters

Key Highlights:

  • Shows some essential features in a digital asset manager.
  • Striking visuals.
View the interactive demoCapture Collab's Website

10. Reward Point

Reward Point makes it easier for businesses to create a digital rewards program.

Target Audience: B2B2C, DTC, Small-Medium Businesses

Demo Style: Story driven

Key Highlights:

  • Shows how easy it is to get started.
  • Gives the viewer and opportunity to sneak behind the sign up process and see how Reward Point makes it easy for any business to start a digital rewards program
View the interactive demoReward Point's Website

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